South Africa’s Economic and Social Crisis

Finally, the voice of the people is being heard; in peace

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Statement of South Africa’s National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa

Global Research, December 16, 2016


South Africa’s biggest trade union, the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, held its 10th National Congress from 12-15 December 2016 in Cape Town. This statement was written on 7 December.

1. This ‘Workers’ Parliament’ could not be meeting at a more critical time for the world working class in general and the South African working class in particular. All over the world, the workers are under attack from employers who, as always, are making us, the working class, pay for their global crisis of monopoly capitalism. They are destroying jobs, cutting wages, attacking trade unions and reducing spending on essential social services.

2. The foundation of South African racist capitalism is the super-exploitation, impoverishment and unemployment of, and extreme racial inequalities against…

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Mohawks become first tribe to take down a federal dam

The people are beginning to take back what is theirs; starting with their dignity;


Click to enlargeTony David

❝ A century after the first commercial dam was built on the St. Regis River, blocking the spawning runs of salmon and sturgeon, the stream once central to the traditional culture of New York’s Mohawk Tribe is flowing freely once again.

The removal of the 11-foot-high Hogansburg Dam this fall is the latest in the tribe’s decades-long struggle to restore territory defiled by industrial pollution, beginning in the 1980s with PCBs and heavy metals from nearby General Motors, Alcoa and Reynolds Metal plants, a cleanup under federal oversight that’s nearly complete.

❝ The St. Regis River project is the first removal of an operating hydroelectric dam in New York state and the nation’s first decommissioning of a federally licensed dam by a Native American tribe, federal officials say. Paired with the recent success of North Dakota’s Standing Rock Sioux in rerouting a pipeline they…

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Peoples Earth Council Committee Pow-Wow – 2016.12.04


Dear people, this is a call to action; this is for all peoples and touches all peoples; our self-preservation is at stake here; this is for you and your dearest, too;

we invite volunteers moved to action to join us in one united action;

Topic: PEC committee pow-wow

Time: Dec 4, 2016 7:00 PM (GMT+2:00) Johannesburg

Join  us in less than an hour from now on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

United we stand; our hour to shine has arrived; in peace

The Standing Rock Sioux Are Fighting Tyranny In North Dakota. Please Support Them!

It is quite simple; the people must declare a truth and reconciliation and invite the feds to prove their jurisdiction; there is a Declaration on the Rights of Peoples and a Peoples Freedom Charter written especially for situations such as these; see; the documents explain it clearly; they have no jurisdiction over the land, nor the tangible; the pen is mightier than the sword; the question is, how do we get this info to the frontline? we will assist those interested; in peace

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Jim Petruzzi “The Standing Rock Sioux Are Fighting Tyranny In North Dakota. Please Support Them!”

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Standing Rock Visited by Waterkeeper Alliance President Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Source: TheRealNews 

November 15, 2016 marked a national day of action against the the Dakota Access Pipeline (Credit Lauretta Prevost, Mirrors and Hammers,


Robert F. Kennedy explains why the Dakota Access Pipeline is being pushed so hard

Video Published on Nov 17,


NOTE from Angel4Light:

Here is a quick video by Jordon of TYT Politics, he is a bit peed so the language gets pretty intense. I am sure he…

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