Capitalism and Slavery by Dr. Eric Williams

Brilliant find and very relevant to our conundrums, Mario; especially since the infamous age of discovery; in 1455, Romanus Pontifex authorized the Portuguese monarchy to carry on the slave trade in Africa, the Americas and beyond. In 1493, Inter Caetera, divided up these lands, allowing European Catholic monarchs to take them, displacing indigenous peoples and causing untold suffering throughout the infamous Age of Discovery;

These papal baals divided the world into Roman Catholics and heathens – the former to rule over the latter because they were declared homo animales, a lower form of man. Today, these orders are declared a monument to racial discrimination and equality; yet, still continues to drive policies worldwide.

Today, most people have been de-based in the same deceitful manner to hu[e]-man [“not quite a man”]; that is why there have been no “people rights”;

Since then have the European nations waxed rich from this piracy and slavery upon which they rapidly expanded their feudal imperial empires of capital; so much so, that today they claim to own and rule the world; while claiming to be “lending” to developing nations from what was taken from them in the first place;

To date there has been no Truth and Reconciliation Commission, no apology, no remorse, no restoral or restitution of what was unlawfully taken; and, the divisions of the past have yet to be healed.


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