America’s Imperial War Drive and the Contemporary African Crisis

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From the Cameroon and Somalia to South Africa and Zimbabwe neo-colonialism remains a major impediment to genuine development and stability

Global Research, April 24, 2017

Any reasonable observer of the United States ruling class discourse during April 2017 realizes that the imperialist war drive is still a dominant theme.

Many people were quite skeptical if not disbelieving of the campaign rhetoric of current President Donald J. Trump when he hinted at lessening tensions with the Russian Federation over the wars in Syria and eastern Ukraine. These decisions to embark upon a militarist approach to foreign policy is well entrenched in history.

After all the indigenous Native peoples were driven off their lands and systematic genocide remain the order of the day in light of the situation at Standing Rock as a stark example. Of course African people having been kidnapped into slavery and super-exploited for two-and-a-half centuries…

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REALPOLITIK: When You Kill Ten Million Africans – They Don’t Call You ‘Hitler’, They Call You ‘King’ (Archive)


Source  –, By Liam O’Ceallaigh

–  Take a look at this picture. Do you know who it is?


Most people haven’t heard of him.

But you should have. When you see his face or hear his name you should get as sick in your stomach as when you read about Mussolini or Hitler or see one of their pictures. You see, he killed over 10 million people in the Congo.

His name is King Leopold II of Belgium.

He “owned” the Congo during his reign as the constitutional monarch of Belgium. After several failed colonial attempts in Asia and Africa, he settled on the Congo. He “bought” it and enslaved its people, turning the entire country into his own personal slave plantation. He disguised his business transactions as “philanthropic” and “scientific” efforts under the banner of the International African Society. He used their enslaved labor to extract Congolese resources…

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Justice For Stolen Lives! Calling Oyate for 2nd Meeting With DOJ, April 14, 2017


[ Download the Meeting Flyer in PDF ]


Traditional and grassroots Lakota Oyate are called to provide testimony on the abuse, violence, and discrimination, you face at the hands of law enforcement of Rapid City, Pennington County, other border towns, and BIA Tribal Government law enforcement.

Representatives from the U.S. Department of Justice will be there to record your testimony. Bring pictures, video, documents and other evidence you would like to present.

These meetings are the result of exhaustive work by the Cante Tenza Okolakiciye Strong Heart Warrior Society of the Independent Lakota Nation and we will be there to provide security.

Date:   Friday April 14, 2017
Time:   1:00pm – 4:00pm

Career Learning Center
730 East Watertown Street, Room 107

Rapid City, South Dakota, Lakota Territory

* Parking on north side of building. Entrance through the  double doors and  walk to the front…

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History: How African Muslims “Civilized Spain”

Counter Information

Global Research, April 08, 2017

Today marks the anniversary of the end of nearly 700 years of African Muslim rule over Spain, Portugal and Southern France.

Four hundred and eight years ago today King Phillip III of Spain signed an order, which was one of the earliest examples of ethnic cleansing. At the height of the Spanish inquisition, King Phillip III ordered the expulsion of 300,000 Muslim Moriscos, which initiated one of the most brutal and tragic episodes in the history of Spain.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it was ancient Africans that brought civilization to Spain and large parts of Europe and not the other way around.

The first civilization of Europe was established on the Greek island of Crete in 1700 BC and the Greeks were primarily civilized by the Black Africans of the Nile Valley. The Greeks then passed on this acquired culture to the…

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