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This call to action is by authority of King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo “Aaha Zwelibanzi” of the abaThembu Royal Kingdom and issued by the lawful Secretariat;

This is the true and ongoing story of an indigenous king who has been unlawfully charged, tried and imprisoned by a foreign imperial retributive apartheid system that is foreign to African Justice philosophy which is based on restorative justice principles and “ubuntu”; see Restorative Justice

Now, this was all done without his prior and informed consent; and, under the a false authority of a foreign racially discriminatory legal system; and, since 1994 the divided bar was to be removed; and, we do not say this lightly;

What he has been charged with is not the issue; the real issue is that the original dispute arose on abaThembu lands and between abaThembu peoples and has nothing to do with anyone else; And, if the king has caused any of his people harm or loss; then, he has the right to a fair trial before his own people; and, by their own justice philosophy;

Hear what a judge has to say about the natural law as a restraint against tyranny;

Read more at Natural Law

Instead, a foreign fictitious entity, not even an inhabitant of the land of Southern Africa, a third-party interloper, claiming an “assumed” “authority”, [which our research proves to be false]; has meddled with the affairs of the abaThembu peoples; and, to which deceit the king expressly does not consent to; and never will; see RSA INC.

Further, since 1994 is RSA INC. mandated to develop customary law according to its own federal constitution; and, restore customary it to its rightful jurisdiction; see Constitutional

In truth we are all living in a “cult-of-personality”; see Cult of Personality

The truth is that the sins of the imperial forefathers is still haunting us; see 


The truth is that the divisions of the past are not yet healed; the papal decrees made during the infamous “age-of-discovery” classed indigenous peoples as homo-animales, a lower form of man; thus, giving nations of the compass “licence to kill”; and, kill they did… ; a monument to discrimination of the highest order; see https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/age-of-discovery/

Today, this evil imaginary system has ensnared the real earth and ALL its peoples; the 99%; and, our bondage is only due to an elite 0,1 % hiding behind the corporate veil… see https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/banksters/

And, predatory capitalism has already destroyed half the natural earth; and, we are in the middle of an extinction that is happening faster than any before; see: https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/age-of-discovery/

There are thousands of pages of educational material to back up any and all claims; there are over 5 000 articles all revealing a piece of the puzzle to this evil system; for all related links, pages, references and topics see https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/faqs/

The good news is:

In the same manner as a thing is bound, so, it is loosed;


Is it not about time?

Taking Action:

It’s not only the abaThembu Peoples who want sovereignty; this is a united action;

This is not only an African problem; this is not only an Indigenous Peoples problem;

This is everyone’s problem; our self-preservation and that of the earth; and, our hope of a better future hangs in the balance; in truth, our very natural existence [if, there be such a thing] is at stake;


Peoples Earth Council:

For the last year there have already been numerous talks held between Indigenous leaders of Southern Africa; and, with the Maori indigenous peoples represented by Ariki Te Wairemana Zlamala; the nucleus is actively growing; and Indigenous Leaders from across earth are invited to unite in one action; bring their values to the pow-wow and develop the Peoples Earth Council; a “league of nations” and council of honourable and wise elders; vested with the antecedent natural authority to deliberate on cases such as this dispute;

Therefore, be it declared and made known that the dispute between abaThembu Royal Kingdom v. SOUTH AFRICA INC. is the first to be heard before the Peoples Earth Council  so as to set a new precedent for indigenous peoples and other peoples wishing the same; 

 See Peoples Earth Council