Judge Dismisses Trespass Cases Midway Through Trial


Europe’s standing in the world would not have been possible if it weren’t for barbaric colonialism, violence, and enslavement

Amen to that, brother; in peace

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Europe’s standing in the world would not have been possible if it weren’t for barbaric colonialism, violence, and enslavement, says professor Kehinde Andrews. The myth of Europe as an enlightening force across the globe helps us to sleep at night, he argues, but is ultimately based on racism. It’s time we faced that.

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Taking Action Against An Evil System

Peoples Earth Council

Dear people,

We are addressing the United Churches of Southern Africa, the Indigenous Peoples of Southern Africa, Aotearoa and elsewhere; however, this is for the 99%

What we all want is equality, freedom, life and autonomy; self-determination and self-governance; the right to be left alone and not enslaved;

There have been meetings over the last few weeks and everyone is on board; so, this is the action plan framework; if, we are to make this work we need all hands on deck; so, please read this carefully; and, help where you can;

Why are we doing what we do?

It all boils down to the age old battle of good versus evil; and, of good always prevailing in the end; in these evil times the very self-preservation of Life in all its forms and of the natural earth is at stake;

Necessity obligates us to make a stand…

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Capitalism and Slavery by Dr. Eric Williams

Brilliant find and very relevant to our conundrums, Mario; especially since the infamous age of discovery; in 1455, Romanus Pontifex authorized the Portuguese monarchy to carry on the slave trade in Africa, the Americas and beyond. In 1493, Inter Caetera, divided up these lands, allowing European Catholic monarchs to take them, displacing indigenous peoples and causing untold suffering throughout the infamous Age of Discovery;

These papal baals divided the world into Roman Catholics and heathens – the former to rule over the latter because they were declared homo animales, a lower form of man. Today, these orders are declared a monument to racial discrimination and equality; yet, still continues to drive policies worldwide.

Today, most people have been de-based in the same deceitful manner to hu[e]-man [“not quite a man”]; that is why there have been no “people rights”;

Since then have the European nations waxed rich from this piracy and slavery upon which they rapidly expanded their feudal imperial empires of capital; so much so, that today they claim to own and rule the world; while claiming to be “lending” to developing nations from what was taken from them in the first place;

To date there has been no Truth and Reconciliation Commission, no apology, no remorse, no restoral or restitution of what was unlawfully taken; and, the divisions of the past have yet to be healed.

Mario Kenny

TEXT FLY WITHIN THE BOOK ONLY gj<OU1 60509 >m Capitalism Sf Slavery Capitalism Slavery Eric Williams s THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA PRESS Chapel Hill Copyright, 1944, by THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA PRESS PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BY THE WILLIAM BYRD PRESS, INC. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA To Professor Lowell Joseph Ragatz Whose monumental labors in this field may be amplified and developed but can never be superseded PREFACE THE PRESENT STUDY is an attempt to place in historical per- spective the relationship between early capitalism as exemplified by Great Britain, and the Negro slave trade, Negro slavery and the general colonial trade of the seventeenth and eighteenth cen- turies. Every age rewrites history, but particularly ours, which has been forced by events to re-evaluate our conceptions of history and economic and political development. The progress of the Industrial Revolution has been treated more or less ade- quately…

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New Year’s address by HRH King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo from state prison in East London SA

Call to Fight for Thembu Pride – Daily Dispatch press article Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

BANTWANA Abahle (Good People), I would like to convey my message of inspiration for the year 2017.

I pray that you will enter the New Year with the spirit of patriotism and remember what our fallen ancestors died for.

Your identity and Africans cannot be reducedo political heroes, even though we appreciate the work they did to liberate you. It must be stored in your minds that we still have a long way to go, be mindful of the Western influence that is entrenching itself into the soul of Africans, capturing every mind, eroding cultural identities.

The date of December 30 2015 is an anniversary of the victory of the Roman Dutch Law inclined South African justice system , that claimed superiority over our customary law values – it prevailed to have your king ridiculed, called names and thrown into a dark prison cell.

Your ancestors did not only die fighting for their land, they also died fighting for your identity, pride and customary values. Therefore your liberation cannot be reduced to fight only for basic services such as water, sanitation, roads, electricity, food parcels etc. Your claim is far bigger than that.


The youth of today need guidance from genuine leaders whose minds are not fixed into lucrative government tenders, political patronage, fame and so on

No one can explain why our parliament cannot define the meaning of the word king, the kingdom in a democratic state. They also see no need in passing a legislation that can clearly stipulate the jurisdiction in terms of power in administrating justice with intention of bringing peace and order in our rural areas.

Such failure has a detrimental effect on all traditional courts that people in rural areas rely on as means of correcting wrongs.

The recognition of the traditional institution and full application of customary law in chapter 12 of the constitution will remain insignificant until there is a political will to set out boundaries in terms of authorities.

The king is ruler of his nation. There is no king without sovereignty and that will remain a cold fact, except where the intention is to set the kings up and promote defiance – that send all kings to prison one by one. I have witnessed the subversion of kingdoms by some structures whose agenda is to render us irrelevant by subjecting every decision we take to the Bill of Rights in the constitution, as if kings have no rights.

The main reason that the interpretation of the principle of equality before the law has been misconstrued by others, including our courts, is because in their minds kings don’t exist.

It is hard to refute their understanding since there is no representation of the kings in three arms that make up the judiciary, the executive and the legislature. But in the sober minds of customary law custodians, all three arms should exist under the jurisdiction of a kingdom of that particular nation.

My version is corroborated by the decision that was taken by the people who brought cases of theft, rape, murder to my Great Place with intentions of seeking justice.

The colonial and apartheid government subverted the kingdoms and reduced kings to paramount chiefs and further administered them using the Transkei Authorities Act, Black Administration etc.

Those apartheid era laws have now morphed into the Traditional Leadership & Governance Framework Act under the current dispensation. My status was determined using the parameters of these acts when my trial began in 2004.

As the king of AbaThembu, I represent your heritage, your pride and identity – something that is slowly fading away in most minds. My hope in on young people, who need to hear the truth before they are influenced by Roman Dutch laws that were designed to determine our fate.

Coming back to the issues facing my kingdom today, both popular groups (including the one that is pushing for my son to take over) who are at each other’s throats over position of the acting king are not representing my aspirations. In April last year, at a meeting held at the Mthatha Garden Court, they passed a resolution to dethrone me and further ask President (Jacob) Zuma to withdraw my certificate of recognition as the king. Their minds are set to positions of power in exchange for selling the soul of our kingdom, including the king.

It is a story similar to that one of Joseph in the Bible (Genesis 37:12-36) be careful of being misguided.

When I realised their true intentions, I changed my mind about who should act in my position. I elected my wife, Nokwanda, to take the throne in my place in an acting capacity. She needs your support, you patriotism, to fight endlessly for what is yours.

I appreciate the efforts of other kingdoms who have shamelessly stood by me and have not accepted the victory of the Western justice systems that have reduced me to a commoner, a gangster, an instigator of crimes – with distorted facts.

I encourage you to fight for your heritage, your true identity and that your kingdom gets equal treatment that the state is giving to others, including the one of KwaZulu-Natal.

Be blessed in the coming year.

Halala Bantwana Abahle

New Year’s address by HRH King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo from state prison in East London SA

South Africa’s Economic and Social Crisis

Finally, the voice of the people is being heard; in peace

Counter Information

Statement of South Africa’s National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa

Global Research, December 16, 2016


South Africa’s biggest trade union, the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, held its 10th National Congress from 12-15 December 2016 in Cape Town. This statement was written on 7 December.

1. This ‘Workers’ Parliament’ could not be meeting at a more critical time for the world working class in general and the South African working class in particular. All over the world, the workers are under attack from employers who, as always, are making us, the working class, pay for their global crisis of monopoly capitalism. They are destroying jobs, cutting wages, attacking trade unions and reducing spending on essential social services.

2. The foundation of South African racist capitalism is the super-exploitation, impoverishment and unemployment of, and extreme racial inequalities against…

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Mohawks become first tribe to take down a federal dam

The people are beginning to take back what is theirs; starting with their dignity;


Click to enlargeTony David

❝ A century after the first commercial dam was built on the St. Regis River, blocking the spawning runs of salmon and sturgeon, the stream once central to the traditional culture of New York’s Mohawk Tribe is flowing freely once again.

The removal of the 11-foot-high Hogansburg Dam this fall is the latest in the tribe’s decades-long struggle to restore territory defiled by industrial pollution, beginning in the 1980s with PCBs and heavy metals from nearby General Motors, Alcoa and Reynolds Metal plants, a cleanup under federal oversight that’s nearly complete.

❝ The St. Regis River project is the first removal of an operating hydroelectric dam in New York state and the nation’s first decommissioning of a federally licensed dam by a Native American tribe, federal officials say. Paired with the recent success of North Dakota’s Standing Rock Sioux in rerouting a pipeline they…

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