When public fraud is committed and it affects everyone, then it is our moral and ethical duty to speak out, to educate and to inform others as to the truth; and, the truth is the “that without which not” of any dispute;

“Court proceedings are held for the solemn purpose of endeavoring to ascertain the truth which is the sine qua non of a fair trial.” Estes v. State of Texas, 381 U.S. 532, 540, 14 L.Ed.2d 543, 549, 85 S.Ct. 1628, 1631-32 (1965), rehearing denied, 382 U.S. 875, 15 L.Ed.2d 118, 86 S.Ct. 18 (1965).

SINE QUA NON. Without which not. That without which the thing cannot be. An indispensable requisite or condition. Black’s Law Dict. 4th ed., 1968

Now, what we are saying has already been brought to the attention of those ACT-ing as “government”; however, they choose to remain silent;

A maxim is an established principle in law;

Maxim – He who is silent does not indeed confess, but yet it is true that he does not deny. Dig. 50, 17, 142.


The real truth is that we no longer have a lawful “government”; REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA is a privately-owned, foreign corporation FRONTING as “government”; and, not even an “inhabitant” of Southern Africa; and the Constitution is a void federal transaction; we, the people have abandoned the real Republic of South Africa … a trust, for a corporation;

Since 1994, we were diverted from away from direct democracy as the 1955 Freedom Charter and 1994 RDP directed; instead, Southern Africa was sold down the river in favour of the Washington Consensus; against which even American people are speaking out; see

To see the picture clearer we must look at it in context of the global agendas of the elite; the 1% that control most world institutions; see

And, to take a brief look at Southern Africa’s imperial history; see




Evidence of Countries Registered as Corporations

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Almost ALL Countries are listed on the US STOCK EXCHANGE (SECURITIES EXCHANGE)

Some are cleverly listed on other stock exchanges. Here are more results of many more countries listed as CORPORATIONS – this makes the people their stock and property. Our birth certificates are the stock certificates that are being traded on the stock markets.

It is time to snap out of our hypnotic state of ignorance and share this with everyone. The whole world is enslaved by those who run the corporations – the banking elite families. Only we can stop the continued chain of enslavement – our children have no future – they are property of the corporations and absolute slaves to the system – just like we are. How are you going to explain this to your children?

Read more at:



On doing a company search for RSA on the U.S. SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION webpage, we find REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA is listed as a company:

RSA Company number: 0000932419


And, the “managers” are named as Barclays Capital, Citigroup, Nedbank Capital, Rand Merchant Bank and Citigroup; and, the governing law is ‘New York’; jurisdiction Delaware; this means RSA INC. is governed by federal laws.

Download text of RSA on US example: us-sec-on-rsa-example

 Ask yourself, does this not place courts, government and we, the people at the mercy of foreign banks and foreign interests?

Find an example of a federal case between two banks in the below example; and, other examples of banks on US Sec;

Download text of banks on US Sec examples: us-sec-on-rsa-banks

Now, here is the crux of the matter:

A corporation can be an inhabitant only in the state of its incorporation. Sperry Products v. Association of American Railroads, C.C.A.N.Y., 132 F.2d 408, 411; Vogel v. Crown Cork & Seal Co., D.C.Md., 36 F.Supp. 74, 75; International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers v. Tennessee Copper Co., D.C.Tenn., 31 F.Supp. 1015, 1017; Deutsch v. Times Pub. Corporation, D.C.N.Y., 33 F.Supp. 957, 958.

Therefore, by legal definition is RSA INC. an inhabitant of the U.S. and NOT of the continental land of Southern Africa; this then also means that it is a “foreigner”;

Ask yourself, how can a “foreigner” then be ruling over us?



But, that’s not all; since 1910  the Union of South Africa was fraudulently placed under insolvency as a means to steal our gold and valuable resources;

And, to avoid foreclosure of this Ponzi scheme, after 40 years in 1951 were we “re-venued” into another insolvent entity, namely Republic of South Africa;

And, to avoid another foreclosure, after 43 years were we  “re-venued” into another insolvent entity yet again; this time RSA INC.

Since the 1910 Union of South Africa, we have no less than 17 insolvency related acts; and, for 7 years the Union was administrated by the Crown; and, the laws of the Union are still held in the British archives; a clue that we are still under “administration”; in fact, the 1993 interim constitution carries all laws of the colonies over into the post ‘94 “CON”-situational era;

Insolvency Act, 1916

Insolvency Act, 1916, Amendment Act, 1926

Insolvency Act, 1936

 Insolvency Law Amendment Act, 1943

 Insolvency Amendment Act, 1965

 Insolvency Amendment Act, 1972

 Insolvency Amendment Act, 1980

 Insolvency Amendment Act, 1983

 Insolvency Amendment Act, 1984

 Insolvency Amendment Act, 1987

 Insolvency Amendment Act, 1989

 Insolvency Amendment Act, 1991

 Insolvency Amendment Act, 1993

 Insolvency Amendment Act, 1995

 Cross-Border Insolvency Act, 2000

 Insolvency Amendment Act, 2002

 Insolvency Second Amendment Act, 2002

Is it not time to foreclose on these insolvent entities? And, start afresh?


International Legal Citation

The Washington University Manual of International Legal Citation

For: South Africa, Republic of

 Clearly states that our political system is a Republic, not a corporation;

It also states that our Constitution has “federal elements”; keep this in mind;


Download pdf: rsa-legal-citation

Ask yourself, were you aware RSA had a federal constitution? 


RSA listed in the U.S.A

Manta.comOn doing a company search using the word ‘parliament’ at one will discover no less than 5 private companies trading as “Parliament of South Africa” in the U.S.

 Download text: parliament-of-sa-manta-com

Ask yourself, is it not time for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission by, for and of the people?

Will access to information such as tax record history not indicate that there is business being conducted for private gain that was meant for the Republic and not only for private titleholders of corporate RSA?

Do your own research:


 Dunn &

On doing a company search using the words “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA” at

Under USA in the COUNTRY listing;

And, then under NEW YORK in the CITY listing;



 It clearly states that each entity is a “private company”;

 Download text: parliament-of-sa-dnb




On doing a company search using the words “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA” at NYS DEPARTMENT OF STATE, DIVISION OF CORPORATIONS, STATE RECORDS AND UCC; 18 entities are listed;

It states: county – New York; jurisdiction – DELAWARE; this is where virtually all corporations are registered; under the CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY OF AMERICA 1907 in Delaware;

Download text: corporation-trust-company-of-america-1907



A further word search using the above names reveals more corporations on; in truth, there is most likely a corporation for every entity we can think of;

One can even find “The Constitution” listed as a CORPORATION; see the screenshot below:


 Ask yourself, how can anyone be allowed to incorporate a word that is supposed to be a trust relationship? Unless, it is a federal constitution, of course;


When and where was the agreement between U.S. and R.S.A?

In 1995 the FINANCIAL SERVICES BOARD and the SOUTH AFRICAN RESERVE BANK, both private corporations with foreign interests, made agreements with the U.S. which created U.S. dollar and federal hegemony over RSA that strengthened the Washington Consensus and, in the words of Ronnie Kasrils, “sold our people down the river”;

The following COMMUNIQUE BETWEEN US SEC AND FSB OF RSA was the agreement;

 Download pdf:

Now, by their rules an agreement must be accompanied by an act; to “seal the deal”;

 And, the following was the ACT that incorporated RSA into the federal system; and sold the people down the river;


This is a very proud day. The Communiques and Declarations we have signed are like the very first cables strung across a chasm in order to build a bridge. They are at once a great triumph, and a sign of greater things to come. I thank and congratulate those who contributed to this historic occasion, and I urge us all to build upon these vital links between our two nations.

And, when one takes note of the words used and their legal implications, the message becomes clear;

 Download pdf: united-states-south-africa-a-partnership-for-progress


Let’s take a look at what does the RSA treasury says?


National Treasury Annual Report 2014/15

Extracts from the report:


…We endeavour to advance economic growth, broad-based empowerment, progressive realisation of human rights and the elimination of poverty

We promote transparency and effective financial management.

[emphasis added]

 Question: Is poverty being eliminated? Or, is it growing?

Oxfam Report – The greatest inequality in the world lies in the divide between extreme wealth and artificial man-made poverty; and, global financial inequality is rapidly growing as Oxfam reports: “The combined riches of 62 of the world’s most well-heeled individuals in 2015 equaled the wealth of 3.5 billion people — the bottom half of humanity — a new report about extreme global wealth inequality released showed. The findings, published by the poverty-fighting organization Oxfam, highlight the growing divide between those at either end of the income spectrum. Since 2010, the wealth of the richest 62 people increased 44% to $1.76 trillion, the report found. Over the same period, the wealth of the world’s poorest half fell over a trillion dollars or 41%. Our economic system is heavily skewed in their (the wealthiest) favour, and arguably increasingly so,” Oxfam said. “Far from trickling down, income and wealth are instead being sucked upwards at an alarming rate.” Oxfam added: Rising inequality is a problem for all of us.”

[emphasis added]

Read more at:

Ask yourself: is transparency being promoted?

And, effective management? For who? the 1% or the 99%?

It continues:


…Our people are our most valued assets.

… and we aim to mobilise the full potential of our people.

[emphasis added]

Now, let’s look at what the real definition of “assets” is; from Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th edition, 1968;

ASSETS. The word, though more generally used to denote everything which comes to the representatives of a deceased person, yet is by no means confined to that use, but has come to signify everything which can be made available for the payment of debts, whether belonging to the estate of a deceased person or not. Hence we speak of the assets of a bank or other monied corporation, the assets of an insolvent debtor, and the assets of an individual or private copartnership; and we always use this word when we speak of the means which a party has, as compared with his liabilities or debts. Pelican v. Rock Falls, 81 Wis. 428, 51 N.W. 871.

A “deceased person”?

A “debtor”?

The “assets” of a “bank or other monied corporation”? Such as RSA INC?

An “insolvent debtor”?

Bankruptcy – The property or effects of a bankrupt or insolvent, applicable to the payment of his debts.

A “bankrupt insolvent”?

Yes, dear people; we are ALL bankrupt and insolvent; see RSA INSOLVENCY ACTS further below;

It continues; below the above it says: … and we aim to mobilise the full potential of our people.

Ask yourself, who is the national treasury’s “people”? Are they are referring to ALL people? Or, only their representatives?

It continues:

“In our dealings with the public and with our colleagues, we act transparently and with integrity, showing respect and demonstrating fairness and objectivity. In achieving these things, we will honour the faith that the South African public has placed in us.”

[emphasis added]

Ask yourself, were you aware that your “person” is a “corporation”?

Were you aware that your ALL CAPITALS name is, in truth, property of RSA?



What is a ‘man of straw’?

Unbeknownst to most people, government created another type of ‘CITIZEN’; e.g. ‘JANE DOE’ in an ALL CAPITALS NAME that sounds exactly like Jane Doe’s family name, but it is NOT her! The following clip called “Meet Your Strawman is 5 minutes and explains it perfectly;

For a further explanation see:


Ask yourself, were you informed of this?

By any bank? In any court? By any judge or magistrate? By ANY bar member?

By any police?

By any ACTING agent of RSA?

By any voting official or voting station?

By any census official?

Where is the transparency and integrity and respect and fairness and objectivity?

Ask yourself, knowing this now: Do you feel your faith that you have placed in RSA has been honoured?

OF COURSE NOT!!! Its all about contracts; every agreement is a contract and if a party does not fully disclose the nature of the contract IT IS FRAUD!!! 

maxim – What otherwise is good and just, if it be sought by force and fraud, becomes bad and unjust.

Also see:


Statistics – South Africa

In the words of Mr. Pali Lehohla, Statistician-General of South Africa from the URL link:

“We need a jab and a different jab, a revolutionary jab if the poor have to believe that a different future is possible, a jab that the modern world accepts that slavery is regrettable and never again, that colonialism is regrettable and never again, that Neo colonialism is regrettable and never again, that racism and sexism are regrettable and never again, that dictatorships are regrettable and never again, that self-aggrandizement of capital is regrettable and never again.  Only when we commit to that in deed there is hope that the poor are not with always  going to be with us, that the gluttonous executive pay and privilege will disappear, that concentration will be replaced by equity and the rich too can successful go through the eye of the needle.  For that to happen we need a radical SDG implementation plan and action.  We need a theory informed and monitored Programme.  Finally while in god we may trust, all of us will need statistics to keep us on this narrow and radical path.”

In the five-year period 2011 to 2015, the rand weakened from around R6,90/$ (Jan-2011) to around R15/$ (Dec-2015). 

Ask yourself, is SARB fulfilling its mandate?


The Reserve Bank is required to achieve and maintain price stability in the interest of balanced and sustainable economic growth in South Africa.


Statistics RSA continues:

Poor households spend a third of their income on food

Poor households spend on average 34% of their total household expenditure ON FOOD.

Ask yourself, how much goes towards taxi-fare and transport to and from work?

Whose backs was this empire built on?



Even BRICS is seeking an alternative to the US-dominated World Bank and International Monetary Fund in the New Development Bank as stated at

However, South Africans are too busy chasing after the pot at the end of the financial rainbow – which in truth is a giant Ponzi scheme; and, experts are warning that the lords of war, the bankster elites, are busy conducting a controlled demolition of the global financial system; see

Ask yourself, if we are “insolvent debtors” under “bankruptcy”; what about money?


Rule by Ponzi

Gerard Batten deals with George Soros in the European Parliament, Brussels, 30 June 2016. Calls the financial system a “ponzi scheme”:

“You say Brexit will result in a financial crisis. Yes, we can expect one to be deliberately engineered by the crooks at Goldman Sachs and various other financial institutions because I predicted that long before the vote. There is a real crisis looming, however, that has nothing to do with Brexit. There is a financial crisis that is coming anyway. And that is because the Eurozone and most of the public finances of European countries are nothing but gigantic Ponzi schemes which are heading for a crash…. And by the way, however big this crisis is, I’d be surprised if you didn’t make some money out of it as you usually do!”

Published on Jul 6, 2016 |

For more on the fraudulent financial system see:  

And, most of the South African leadership is too arrogant to educate themselves and truly “know thy enemy”; be wise as serpents, we say;


From Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 51 –


Guess who’s running the new BRICS Bank

..the BRICS delegation included its chief, Kundapur Vaman Kamath, IMF’s Executive Director and new Vice President of the BRICS bank Paulo Nogueira Batista…

 Read more at:


And, it seems that BRICS countries are under attack by an imperial capital system;


BRICS Under Attack – Western Banks, Governments Launch Full-Spectrum Assault on Russia

Part I – By Eric Draitser; Global Research, April 22, 2016; Mint Press News 20 April 2016

This article is part of a series on Western meddling to foment unrest and destabilize BRICS nations in an effort to ensure the continuation of Western economic and political control over the Global South. The first two parts, focusing on Brazil and South Africa, can be found here and here. Up next: Part II on the assault on Russia, which focuses on the political, psychological and military aspects that run in tandem with the economic war on Moscow.

The U.S.-NATO Empire, with its centers of power in Washington, on Wall Street, and in the city of London, is on the offensive against the BRICS countries. This assault takes many forms, each tailored to its specific target.

The ongoing soft coup in Brazil has recently entered a new stage with the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff of the left-wing Workers’ Party. Simultaneously,the destabilization of the ANC-led government in South Africa continues as political forces align to remove President Jacob Zuma. These two situations illustrate clearly the very potent forms of subversion via Western-funded political formations and movements being employed against Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the bloc of emerging economies also known as BRICS.

The original source of this article is Eric Draitser, Mint Press News, 2016


By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts; Global Research, April 22, 2016

Washington used a federal judge to order Argentina to sacrifice its debt restructuring program in order to pay US vulture funds the full value of defaulted Argentine bonds that the vulture funds had bought for a few pennies on the dollar.

These vultures were called “creditors” who had made “loans” regardless of the fact that they were not creditors and had made no loans. They were opportunists after easy money and were used by Washington to get rid of a reformist government.

President Kirchner resisted and, thus, she had to go.

…Washington has always blocked reform in Latin America.  Latin American peoples will remain American serfs until they elect governments by such large majorities that the governments can exile the traitorous elites, close the US embassies, and expel all US corporations. Every Latin American country that has an American presence has no future other than serfdom.

The original source of this article is Paul Craig Roberts at


Why BRICS is [or BRIC as we call it] is a Dead Duck:


Is the current system of governance based on the will of we, the people?

Then, why are we still under its yoke?

Right now, all people of earth are divided between:

  • Those people that are still asleep – education and the collective will awaken them;
  • Those people who are awakening and already asking questions;
  • Those people who are awake, aware and present; educated and informed;
  • Those people who are arrogant enough to believe their agenda will succeed;
  • Those people taking action and speaking out – activists, experts, professionals, and whistle-blowers; see

The ones that are awake know that the ideal of the 1% for the 99% is to be “bondservants”: people without a country, without a faith, without cohesive family; and, thinking only of bread and rent money for survival; a purely economic survival view, leading to a rudderless and aimless populace without faith or roots. In short, human capital;


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